Tuesday, April 12, 2005

By request...Abortion: What or who is right?

For countless ages, the question of abortion has been debated in both ethical and judicial arenas. Unlike many hotly debated issues, Abortion seems to have only two side: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-choice. There is another position that i will describe later, but first alittle history ...
There are records on abortion that date back as far as the egyptian culture, where abortion drugs were used. The main issue throughout most of history as to weather abortion is legally or morally right seems to be related to when there is actually "life" or "quickening". The Brachman scripture allowed abortion untill the about the 5th month as this was when you could feel the fetus moving. In Judaism, life began with the first breath. In Rome, 200bc, anti-abortion laws were passed not for right to life issues, but in a political move, that allowed a man a 'right to an heir'. Catholic views have evolved. In 600 AD. origionally the catholic view was life began at 40 days post conception. Islam also has a history of 40 days.
In the US, the first laws concerning abortion were adopted from England. In UK, there is evidence of a woman prosecuted for "destroying a fetus in womb" as early as1732 (Rex vs Beare). In general, english law forbade abortion as a low crime before "quickening" (5 months) and as a felony after quickening. In 1840's, the US started passing laws forbidding abortion. There is some debate as to why the laws were being passed, but some critics indicate that the laws were meant to counter the womens sufferage movement to 'control women' as well as fear of "racial suicide" as white births were down. There is also some evidence that the Male dominated medical profession started an anti-abortion movement and some critics claim it was to remove mid-wives from the medical field, as mid-wives performed most of the abortions.
Before Roe vs Wade and other Pro-Abortion laws, it is estimated that as much as 20% of maternal mortality was due to illegal abortions. There is also evidence that there were actually more abortions performed prior to Pro-abortion laws. I must state here that when researching the history of abortion, the information available is hard to decipher, as most articles are so biased by the authors that wrote them, that you can "feel" the writers intent on influencing the reader. It is hard to determine if the information provided is objective.
Today, there are an estimated 46,000,000 abortion performed in the world anually. There are two points made evident when researching Abortion:
1. Unintended, mis-timed and un-wanted pregnancies are a reality faced by women of all countries and all cultures.
2. Anti-abortion Laws will not prevent abortion, they will just prevent women with post abortion problems from seeking medical help.
Fat Bastard's position
This leads to my position. I have 4 sisters and have had more than my share of girl friends. I have been asked to help, in some way, more than 100 girls/women seeking abortion. Some asked for money, some for a ride, some ask for personal support. I have even been asked for a place to recuperate as some parents/husbands/boyfriends would not allow the women respite. When most of these women have asked my opinion as to the rightness or wrongness of an abortion. I have always withheld my opinion, but supplied information on all areas of help and councelling. I have seen post abortion grief and depression. I have seen women that have kept their babies, take out thier "fialed life"misery on their children... "if it wasn't for you, I would have this or that...". The slums of the world are full of these children. I have seen women feel guilty all of their life for giving up a child to adoption, wondering their whole lives where the child was. I have seen adopted children used, abused and corrupted. I have had adopted girlfriend that had perfect loving homes and yet have feeling of low self worth, wondering why their real mother abandoned them. I have also seen women completely at ease with their decisions. What is the right decision? I personally would not want to give advice to a womam and be responsible for any of these negative outcomes. The fact that so many girls came asking for advice, shows that I could influence their decision. Yet, I would not have to live with the consequences of the decision the woman made. What I can do, and have always done, is to provide support for any decision made. ANY DECISION. Without judgment. The decision should be left to the individual. Though I may not (or may) believe in abortion, how could I possibly try to impose my beliefs on another. At best, the abortion decision should be left to the individual woman, at worst the issue should be settled democratically by those affected most by the vote: Women. If the question is religion: then as a religious person, I would believe God would be in control and then the decision is again between that person and God. I would trust God to handle it.
The following link is to a page where countries stand currently on abortion laws.
(note: I am not a historian, nor have I verified any historical facts I have researched)